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What do you want to achieve?

Growth in Sales, Profitability and Market Share

It is human nature to  place all bets on new ideas for growth generation.  Companies seldom address growth-limiting factors.

Address Limiting Factors

Higher effectiveness with fewer resources

“People don’t resist  change. They resist being changed” Peter Senge.

Increase Effectiveness

Higher employee engagement

Higher expectations from  the top used to move the productivity needle. Employees today need a different approach.

Engage Your Employees

Companies place a lot of bets on traditional training, but it’s not always effective.  Is your training effective? We can help you.

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At Ascenden we believe that healthy and sustainable change is a key factor in achieving organizational goals. It is difficult. We can help you get there.

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Carl Richardson

About Us

I launched Ascenden in 1998 aspiring to help clients achieve sustainable improvement, growth and change for the better, achieving results beyond excellence.

With our approach it does not matter where we enter. Every route will lead us to discoveries of core issues and opportunities. The important thing is that we begin working, listening, and experiencing. We can plug in to almost any role or project and get started. Project management, customer service, capability and maturity assessment, workflow process, team dysfunction, manager coaching, scaling up operations, augmenting staff for a short time, or a major change event. These are just examples. We have a track record of providing exceptional value.

Let’s talk! Here are some topics to start the conversation:

  • Growth, limiting factors, scaling up operations, sustainability
  • Organizational effectiveness, coaching, capacity enlargement, leadership development
  • Employee engagement, retention, productivity, development, training
  • Creating a learning culture

Whatever you need - intitial assessments are free!

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"You did for us in just four months what we have been trying for ten years to do ourselves."

"When your team members complete a project, they always leave their mark, frequently through significant process or operational improvements implemented as a result of their efforts or suggestions."

"I would recommend your services to anyone who asks."

"You have extremely talented people working for your company. They have been role models for my staff and have accomplished a lot of great work."

"You have been a great partner for our organization. I always expect, and am never disappointed in, the quality and integrity of the resources provided by your company. We have had a long, valued and trusted relationship."

"Your consultants always exhibit the highest degree of reliability, integrity and responsibility."

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